Top Selling Products During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been brutal to just about everyone. Jobs and businesses lost, lives lost, and general disruption to our lives few would have predicted just over a year ago. However, life does not stand still and we learn to adapt and overcome such obstacles thrown in front of us. While many have been negatively affected, others have looked for opportunities under the circumstances. Innovation has not slowed, as we can see by the rapid creation of the Covid vaccines and new technology in the workplace. Below are some of the top selling products during the pandemic.

1) Kitchen Mixers

With everyone stuck at home, not allowed out and with not much else to do but watch TV or Youtube videos, many turned to cooking and baking to pass the time and learn some new skills. Sales of kitchen mixers online went through the roof and this coincided with a shortage of flour in some places. People were baking everything from cookies, to cakes, brownies and pies using their new kitchen mixers.

2) Meeting scheduler software

When it was evident that offices would not be opening anytime soon and meetings were going virtual for the foreseeable future, sales of meeting scheduler software went through the roof. Businesses understood that this was going to be a crucial component of their new work methods and invested heavily on ensuring that their now-remote workers would be able to still meet remotely. The free trials had them hooked and eventually the full investment was made on the pro versions with companies such as Pronestor.

3) Resistance bands

Stuck at home with no access to the gym and not even allowed out long enough to sufficiently exercise? This was a common situation many people found themselves in. Enter, resistance bands. Oversize rubber bands that add resistance to almost any exercise and don’t require you to have any weights in order for you to break a sweat. These bands come in a variety of lengths and thickness, allowing you to vary the resistance during your exercises, all at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership.

4) Bidets

Really? Yes, really. Remember the insanity that broke out in supermarkets where people began fighting over toilet paper? Well the result of that was an increase of bidet purchases. People wanted to ensure they could clean their derrieres without relying on supermarket stocks and therefore sales of all types of bidets exploded.

As you can see, the pandemic brought a variety of products to the forefront of the average consumer’s mind. From kitchen mixers to bidets, few, if any would have prepared for, or predicted, the effects the pandemic would have on purchasing habits. As restrictions are easing, retailers are scrambling to provide the next products they believe will be popular with consumers.

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